RG178 B/U PTFE FTP کابل کواکسیال 1/3/5/10M برای مخابرات


  • قیمت (دلار): قیمت را بخواهید
  • تعداد (PCS): 1
  • حمل و نقل (USD): درخواست قیمت کنید
  • مجموع (دلار): درخواست یک نقل قول
  • روش حمل و نقل: DHL، FedEx، UPS، EMS، توسط دریا، توسط هوا
  • پرداخت: TT (انتقال بانکی)، Western Union، Paypal، Payoneer

RG178 cable is a 50 ohm, single braid shielded cable with high coverage and suitable for high-quality applications at higher temperatures. They are stable in operation in 3G communication networks, have strong anti-electromagnetic interference and bending resistance, and are good and flexible, suitable for application in folding and rotating electronic products. 


Referring to MIL-C-17 (U.S. military standard) related coaxial cable requirements, RG174, RG178, RG179, and RG316 coaxial cables have superior transmission characteristics, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, good shielding, low attenuation, and a small standing wave ratio. 


Additionally, they have good heat resistance, flame resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and atmospheric performance, and can work in an environment of -55 ℃. 


RG178 cable along with other RG series cables are one of the most popular thin RF coaxial cables for RF signal transmission and is widely used in home applications, video, audio, security, metrology, internal cables, broadband communications, smartphones, notebook computers, digital cameras, video cameras, GPS locators, and wireless routers, etc. They can also be used in the internal data transmission of electronic equipment such as LCD TVs and precision medical instruments, and due to their good environmental suitability and reliability, their application fields are extremely wide, including special fields such as aviation, intelligent robots, and military affairs.

The specifications of RG178 cable goes as follows:


موارد مشخصات
شماره مدل RG178
نوع هم محور
تعداد هادی ها 7
نام محصول کابل RG178
هادی درونی Silverplated copper wire
عایق PTFE
هادی بیرونی Silverplated copper wire
ژاکت FEP, 1.80±0.10mm
رنگ قهوهای
OD 1.78±0.05MM
دمای عملیاتی -55 ~ 200 ℃
هادی درونی Silver covered copper, 7/0.10mm
عایق PTFE, 0.86±0.10mm
Wire braid Silver covered copper, 48*0.10mm
ظرفیت خازنی 100±5pF/m
نسبت سرعت 70٪
Bent radius 10mm
ولتاژ حداکثر 750VMS
دامنه دما -40 ~ + 200 درجه سانتیگراد
Attenuation constant at 20ºC (Max.), 100MHz 52.6 دسی بل/100 متر
Attenuation constant at 20ºC (Max.), 200MHz 85.1 دسی بل/100 متر
Attenuation constant at 20ºC (Max.), 400MHz 118.8 دسی بل/100 متر
Attenuation constant at 20ºC (Max.), 1000MHz 190.7 دسی بل/100 متر
Attenuation constant at 20ºC (Max.), 1500MHz 225.2 دسی بل/100 متر
Attenuation constant at 20ºC (Max.), 2000MHz 270.8 دسی بل/100 متر
Attenuation constant at 20ºC (Max.), 3000MHz 340.4 دسی بل/100 متر


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